We Need Your Opinions and We'll Pay You for Sharing Them

Company's conduct market research to ensure they're investing in products and services that will have the most appeal to potential customers, like you.  And they'll pay to help shape what's available to you in the future. 

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Why Should I Join?

US Research Recruiting & Facilities, LLC connects our clients with people like you who provide the feedback they need to refine their products, services, and policies.  This helps them provide the most value to their potential customers and saves them money by helping put their development investment into the most attractive options.  So, we pay for you to take the time to share your opinions.

What's Expected of You?

We only ask your opinions.  That's all you need you to provide.  This may be in a group or individual discussion, or we may ask you to journal your experience online or on paper forms. 

Will My Personal Information be Safe?

Absolutely!  We are a market research company and abide by the strict industry confidentiality standards outlined by our governing body of CASRO.  To see these standards, please click here.  We will never share or sell any of your contact information with any outside party or company.

What Types of Studies do You Conduct?

We conduct many types of studies including focus groups, individual interviews, mock trials, in-home products tests, packaging testing, dial tests, taste tests, shelf tests, and many others.  We also offer online surveys for money so you can get paid to take surveys.

How Do I Get Paid?

Most studies are conducted in-person, for which you will receive a check immediately after.   For studies conducted online or via phone, you have the option of receiving a paper check or a check sent via email.  In some cases, our participants are paid via a Visa prepaid gift card.